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                     Solution Competency
                     LTS stands for intelligent and individual light-
                     ing solutions that embrace technological,
                     eco nom ic and social change. They place the
                     hu man being in to the focus and thereby
                     a  chieve a last ing enhancement of the quality
                     and ex pe  ri ence of light.

                     Our own research and development de  part-
                     ment plus a large team of lighting engineers
                     are available to support  your  project with
                     in  di  vid  ual and customised lighting concepts.
                     This service ensures aesthetic and functionally
                     outstanding lighting solutions that easily
                     inte grate with the most varied functions and
                     re  quire   ments. You are under time pressure
                     with your project? We have designed and
                     op ti  mised our flexible production processes   Knowledge Competency
                     in such a way that we are usually able to offer   Our integration into the Fagerhult Group in
                     short delivery times.                    2010 has certainly benefitted us with the
                                                              ad di tion al pool of knowledge. Furthermore,
                     Development and Production Competency    we are now able to carry out complex, com-
                     Quality made in Germany. One of our strong   pre hensive and architecturally chal lenging
                     points is our in-house development and    proj ects of major size quickly and easily as a
                     pro  duction of reflectors and optical films. This   one-stop supplier at international level.
                     competency enables us to keep pace with the
                     technological development in the domain of   Customer Competency
                     LEDs with a high flexibility and ensure an out-  Close contact with our customers is of prime
                     standing quality of light and luminaire.  importance to us. The regular exchange of
                                                              in fo rmation enables us to develop tailor-made
                                                              light ing concepts.  We  place emphasis on
                                                              straight  forward planning, installation and han-
                                                              dling in addition to high quality, cost ef fi  cien  cy
                                                              and our own development and pro  duc  tion
                                                              competency so that we can achieve perfect
                                                              results for our customers. In this way, we can
                                                              implement for our customers, an in  di  vid  ual
                                                              light experience in rooms and ensure long-
                                                              term confidence and reliability.
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