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        At home in Tettnang, active all over the world
        LTS has a 30 year history. As a family-owned enterprise, we
        successfully achieved an excellent reputation for high-quality
        technical light. Many years of research and development,
        the introduction of LED technology in the luminaire market
        and eventually our integration into the Fagerhult Group in
        2010 have opened up new paths for us. Today, LTS stands for
        indi vid ual lighting solutions.

        From technical luminaires to lighting experience. We safe guard
        the high quality of our products by optimum adjustment of our
        products to your needs and continuous further devel opment
        of production technology. We use state-of-the-art production
        machinery and our workforce comprises a large base of
        experienced long-term employees.

        A particularly valuable asset for us is the personal contact
        with you. We are therefore present and available to you not
        only at our headquarters in Tettnang near Lake Constance,
        Germany but all over the world.
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