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                       Dear Reader,

                      The experiential dimension of light plays a   With the introduction of LED technology, our
                       more and more important role. Light creates   products are state of the art with regard to
                       emotions, conveys subtle messages and un-  economic and energy efficiency. This tech-
                       f olds its own creative force in interaction with   nol  ogy also enables us to offer new exciting
                       space, humans and architecture. Light has   luminaire designs along with innovative op-
                       long since ceased to be an isolated product.   tions for the use of artificial light in the most
                       In addition to its practical uses, it has become   varied fields of application.
                       a prime emotional and embracing medium.
                       Fu ture-relevant topics such as Human Centric   Convincing Technology
                       Light ing move more and more into the focus   Owing to our own development and pro duc-
                       of modern light management.             tion of reflectors we are not only able to keep
                                                               pace with the technological de vel opment in
                       Aesthetics and Economy                  the domain of LEDs but also offer consistent
                       In our view, light in all its variety is the core   outstanding quality of light and luminaire to
                       medium of our activities and we are con vinced   you. We cover the complete spectrum of to-
                       that light as we know it will also open up   mor row’s lighting technology today – ranging
                       new di mensions in the future. We are ready   from downlights and recessed luminaires to
                       to ac cept this challenge with our advanced   interior design and accent lighting.
                       tech nology and profound know-how.
                                                               Product-specific brochures are available for you
                       In addition to aesthetic and emotional factors,   to download at chures.
                       dealing with light will still involve addressing
                       issues of operative reality in the future such   Enjoy discovering our new catalogue! Put your
                       as, for example, energy efficiency, ecological   ambience into its true light together with us!
                       con cerns and climatic conditions.

                                            Kari Nurmi                              Andrea Bergerhoff
                                            Managing Director                       Managing Director

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