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le Eye

- stand alone system

Eagle Eye is the first and most
universal motion sensing control
system for outdoor lighting. The
system provides light only when
and where it is needed, giving
optimized energy savings without
compromising the safety.

SYSTEM  RF communication between units for forward light
trigger, creating a “light wave”. System can be set up
Eagle Eye is an intelligent motion sensing control with optional number of poles to be activated when
system that automatically activates as soon as movement is detected
vehicles or pedestrians are detected in the area. When
no activity, the light is set to an optional minimal light  Optional GPRS for system set-up and statistical
level. Eagle Eye can work as a completely stand-alone data: one Eagle Eye unit per installation (>250
system, simply install and forget, save energy and units) will include a GPRS module for communication
maintain safety. to remote CMS

Eagle Eye can optionally be connected to a complete  Comlight adaptive noise cancellation system
control management system through GPRS connection.  Connects to all dimmable drivers/ballasts

System operation: Eagle Eye suits various heights or diameters of pole
and varying distances between the poles.
 One Eagle Eye unit on each light

 Unique radar technology for detection


 High end system and sophisticated software for
Motion Detection

 Stand-alone system or connected to complete

 System differentiate between slow moving and
fast moving objects


Eagle Eye can be retrospectively fitted to existing
equipment or can be installed at the same time as the
installation is all being replaced or upgraded.
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