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COMPANY PROFILE                       5

        As the atoll that inspired the company name, Aldabra travels far from the usual routes, in search of alternative ways, new trends and original
        solutions. Just like the Aldabra lagoon, where everything is renewed and galvanized by the flood tide, the company is in constant evolution and
        Aldabra is based on a continuous research and development activity, using innovative technologies and breakthrough materials, introducing
        solutions where design and new lighting frontiers are featuring elements.
        Swiss precision, Italian design and manufacturing strictly made in Europe, are driving the quality parameters of Aldabra products, who invest a large
        part of its energies and resources in the innovation development, with an R&D team constantly in search for state of the art technologies, materials
        and aesthetic solutions. New projects originate from Aldabra partner’s needs and from the imagination of the great lighting designers, the company
        works with, realizing new and innovative solutions fit to satisfy any level of client.
        Aldabra developed some of its product lines combining traditional materials like stainless steel and aluminum with new generation polymers
        and nanotechnologies in perfect association with reliable professional electronics, achieving a mixture of pure innovation and quality with a great
        attention to energy saving and an eco-sustainable economy.
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